Powered Standing Frame



The PSF has been available from 'broadberry care solution' since July 1996. During that time a considerable number of frames have been sold to Hospitals, nursing homes and individual homes. The product is constantly evolving in response to the needs of users and carers.

How the PSF Works

The PSF is very simple to use. A thigh support is place around the users hips/thighs. The user is then wheeled into the frame after the footrests and arms of the wheelchair have been removed. The users feet are held in place by a toe and heel restraint. The sling is then attached to the frame and a back support is also placed around the user and attached to the frame. The user is then lifted from the wheelchair to a standing position in a gradual, smooth and steady action.

The lift is extremely comfortable as the knees are placed against a deep, well padded knee support. However, the strain is taken by the sling at the back of the users thighs. The knees merely act as a hinge point and take very little, if any, pressure. The power for the lift is derived from a standard 240 volt domestic type supply which in turn powers an actuator housed at the base of the machine. A table top is also lifted up with the user which gives him or her something to focus on and helps disperse fears of falling forward, inherent in many other lifting and standing frames. The lift is controlled by a simple hand held unit which may be operated by the user or a carer orphysiotherapist.Some users are able to strap themselves in and carry out the entire lift themselves.